A letter to my future self 

I do not know how to start this because it is irregular writing to a person who will have the same skin and bones but a slightly altered mindset; also known as me. The first question I ultimately want to know is, how are you? I hope to be reading this again when I have graduated college and am on to living the dream I have always wished for.

I hope you enjoyed college although you danced the entire time and feel like your body can no longer move. You were probably very focused in your studies and never had too much fun in the evening hours because you were more interested in waking up hangover free. Well, hopefully you did not get injured throughout college and if you did then you are probably onto the business side of the arts. No matter what I hope you love what you are doing.

Maybe by now you have found your soulmate and you have your life figured out because since 16 you’ve been saying you are ready to live the “adult life.” At least at 16 you no longer wanted 18 kids like you did when you were 8 years old. Although you may not have figured your life out and may not be settled down, don’t lose hope. Finding your future husband may have been an unrealistic thought for a young adult coming out of college, but you most likely have encountered a few heartbreaks by now. Don’t let that get you down because your parents have showed you there is hope; that one day you will find true love. Do you remember how your grandpa told you to choose wisely before you get married? Well if you don’t you are now remembered because grandpa always knew best. The rest of your family always wanted the best for you too, never forget that.

Now that you have a degree leading you to the profession you have chosen, most importantly I hope that you are happy. I hope you have moved on from the high school drama that always seemed to make you feel as your past would forever haunt you. I wish you the best with all your future endeavors. Remember to be your own person, with your own thoughts, and your own views.

The last question I would like to ask is, do you feel you made it? When reading this in 2021 I hope you respond and title it “A letter to a younger me.” A younger me with an old soul and a lot of hope in a world full of suffering and overcoming.

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