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Around three o’clock you would come home and you’d have no phone or lap top. You spend time with your family, go outside, or play and do your homework, but things have changed. In todays society with this space age device you come home around 3 and the first thing you do is go on twitter to cloud your mind with the destructive words different individuals feel the need to say about “the girl/ boy they hate.” The teens of todays society seem to be more interested in the drama than making a life for themselves. Endless hours each night losing sleep because they are more interested in sharing their personal lives with the world than enjoying the moment in which they live.

Lets take a look into what it is like to be the person being attacked. Some people understand that what others say is irrelevant to them but what about the people that don’t know how to handle the hostility. Logging into twitter you begin to see the one tweet directly toward you followed by an endless amount of subtweets. People are talking about all your flaws and its causing you to feel more insecure than you initially did. Individuals judge and use passive aggressive behavior to try and bring your self esteem down. While you are sitting behind that computer screen with tears rolling down your face you are left speechless.

The words of others begin to become how you think of yourself. This idea of going on twitter to be inconsiderate of ones feelings is inappropriate. It is time to do more than just sit on social media each night “roasting” people because it is entertaining.

Take a step back and analyze your life. Are people really succeeding in their own life to the absolute fullest by talking about others? We all make mistakes therefore everyone judging each other is not ethical. Life is not fair, but spending time hurting others emotionally can do an extreme amount of unforeseen damage. It is time to step away from the computer and spend time with family. Learn to have the ability to enjoy spending  time by yourself. Be able to sit alone in a quiet room without feeling depressed or alone. Go out into the real world and meet people. Experience and enjoy life to the absolute fullest instead of consistently hiding behind a screen and keyboard criticizing people on the choices they have made in their own lives.

2 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I left social media last year and have never looked back. I am currently investigating more on the effects social media may have in people’s real lives and found some interesting things regarding the “Dunbar Number”

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  2. Thank you! Social Media is truly a terrible thing and the facts of it are very interesting.

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