Uncoordinated to Finding Balance

Through the process of auditioning that still seems to never diminish, I have decided to attend University of North Carolina School of Arts Summer Dance Intensive this summer. As a young girl I never expected to even get as far as I have. I have a long way to go, but this is a start. Over the years dance has grown to be my greatest love. Dancing at MPAC, my dance teachers helped me immensely to improve the skills I need to help me accomplish the goals I have set for myself. Dance is one of the only things that has the aptitude to make me content. I took a break from dance in the past and my dance teacher told me, “I would be back”. She has never been more right because I could never live without dance. Dance has helped me through the hard times and stayed with me through the good. Hours a week dedicated to dance, a healthy diet, a focused mind, and many aches/pains never fail to make me smile. With the help of my mentors, family, and friends I have accomplished one of my many goals. I hope to major in dance at the collegiate level and add business into my studies. From a young girl that appeared to be uncoordinated to a teen with potential, I hope to fulfill my goals in the profession of dance.

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2 thoughts on “Uncoordinated to Finding Balance

  1. I am so proud of your tenacity and passion! I have said from the beginning that this would be your LIFE! I love you more then words can express , keep working towards that goal! Love ya kiddo always here for you!
    Ms. Carla

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  2. Thank you for always staying by my side!! Love you too and can’t wait to see all that life brings me


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