Squad. Clique. Team. Crew.

Who does your squad consist of? What clique are you a part of?

What team do you belong to? What crew do you associate with?

The bond between a family is like no other. Your mom teaches you everything there is to know about becoming a women. Your dad teaches you all the ways a man should respect you. And in my case, your brother teaches you what it is like to have a best friend that will never leave your side. Not everyone has the same components that make up their family. Whether it is a single parent, grandparent, caretaker, etc, is todays generation putting more value into their squad than their family?

The greatest gift of life is family, and on August 18th I received just that. The people I would run to and tell all the exciting things I have accomplished guided me and became my clique. The first time I fell and really scraped my knee my dad was there to make me feel better. The first time I really felt accomplished in dance I ran to my mom to thank her and told her we made it. There is no better feeling than having family around you to make you feel like more than just a person. More than just a person with skin and bones and too big of a heart.

When you think about a typical brother and sister, you think about the siblings that bicker and rarely get along. Well, my brother and I are the exact opposite of the norm, but it did not seem like it would have been that way. I will never forget the story of my brother wanting to name me Angelica from the Rugrats because he did not want to have a sister. He held me in the hospital for the first time and “I gave him” a toy car that he still remembers until this day, but who knew?

Who knew my brother would be the one going to Turkey Hill with me to get snacks and come back home to talk, the one laughing with me, or crying with me depending on the day? Who knew that my mom would be there to help me achieve my goals, deal with all my insecurities, and mostly be by my side indisputably every step of the way? Who knew my dad would be teaching me how to change lightbulbs, teaching me to drive, and teaching me how to be an independent young lady that one day would resemble her mother?

16 years after the day I was born, I spend the majority of my time with my family. I look forward to the moment my mom gets home from work in the evenings so I can spend time with her or the chats I have with my brother even though I continuously keep telling him I am almost done talking. Although I love spending time with my mom and brother I love texting my dad before I go to bed while he is at work because he never fails to show me that family is everything.

The people that I began my first few days of life with became everything to me. My family consists of my three best friends and I would not change that for the world. Through the good days and the bad each one of us always will have our family to fall back on. A small team of four that has a bond like no other.

Remember what crew truly has your back. Remember the value of the people who never left your side. Remember to find the beauty in familia.

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